Samsung top dog confirms LTE strategy and tablet PC

JK Shin, head honcho of Samsung’s mobile communications arm, sat down with a Wall Street Journal hack and revealed plans for Samsung’s not so distant future.

While he went on about how smartphones will be the main thing for the mobile handset industry, he also revealed that Samsung will be planning a switch to LTE technology in its networks. “We are considering producing a lot of smartphones or other devices based on LTE technology – in that sense, network capacity will have to be significantly increased,” he said.

He also confirmed Samsung’s plans for a tablet PC that’ll be out “no later than in the third quarter of this year”. The name he put out was the Galaxy Tab, riding off the back of the Galaxy S and Wave. 

He reckons that the global handset market for smartphones will swell to “around 1.2 billion” units this year and will continue to grow by seven percent to eight percent annually, and that this year smartphones will make up about 260 million units of the total handset market, growing to 300 million next year. And he thinks that the transition from traditional handsets to fancy phones will pick up quickly, or we think he’d hope so, with the Galaxy S and Wave out.

Finally he confirmed that rather than picking a particular OS and sticking to its guns, Samsung will continue to use a smattering because that’s what, he and Samsung thinks, the market is after. It will also push its own mobile platform called Bada, which operates its Samsung Apps store, in an effort to try and play catch-up with Apple.

The full interview is available here