Samsung to release smartphone

Although you are unlikely to hear much about it from the Tame Apple Press, Samsung is about to issue a new flagship Galaxy S smartphone this month.

Those who have mentioned it claim that features such as a bigger screen will lead to a sharp jump in sales, while claiming that Apple’s iPhone will do well because of its er… bigger screen.

“A bigger screen for the S5 may not become much of a selling point as Apple is widely expected to introduce large-screen smartphones – Samsung’s mainstay products – later this year,” Reuters sniffed.

Samsung sent out invitations today for the “Samsung unPacked 5” event on February 24 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The launch has been brought forward by around three weeks.

That being so, Samsung is preparing for its weakest mobile annual profit growth in seven years as the outfit has to deal with strong currency and the fact that the US market is largely saturated.

The S5 is widely expected to feature a bigger screen, an improved rear camera and biometric functions such as iris recognition or a fingerprint scanner. It may also come with an improved Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

If Apple were doing a launch like this, the press would be full of frenzied speculation about what it would contain. In fact looking through the wires, it seems that the loyal press is not even speculating that the event will see the launch of the new Samsung phone.

Instead they are trotting out the same rubbish about Samsung losing sales to the glorious Apple steamroller in China, even though that is clearly not happening at all.