Samsung tablets in Aussie shops for Christmas

The Australian legal system appears to have exposed Apple’s trolling to the light of a Golden Dawn and turned the whole lot into stone.

Apple had been trying to get its number one rival banned from Christmas sales by claiming that it had slavishly copied its ideas and dared to make a tablet which was rectangular and black.

At first it seemed that the Australian legal system was going to roll over before Jobs’ Mob’s mighty briefs and ban Samsung’s Galaxy Tab from the shops. One court agreed to ban the tablet pending a court case which would happen next year.

However, Samsung appealed saying that by the time a court got to hear any case the Galaxy Tab would be so out of date it would look as hi-tech as an etch-a-sketch in comparison to what it would be offering in the future.

Apple tried to see if it could keep the ban by appealing against the appeal. Even if it did not work it would keep the Galaxy Tab off the shelves for at least another week.

But according to Reuters, the Australian High Court refused to change its mind. The ruling allows Samsung to offer the device to Australian shoppers for the final weeks of the key Christmas shopping season.

It seems that the Aussie ruling means Samsung is easily grasping through Apple’s slip. A week ago a U.S. court denied Apple’s plea to ban Galaxy phones and tablets in the Land of the Free.

Apple appealed against the US decision, because it really did stuff up Cupertino’s cunning plans.

Samsung has not had much luck in its counter-troll campaign. It failed in its bid to get a preliminary sales ban on the iPhone 4S.

Intellectual property expert Florian Mueller said that it might be time for Apple and Samsung to realise that you can’t win a marathon with a sprint.