Samsung strikes back against Apple

After a couple of weeks hearing Apple’s evidence a US court is finally getting to hear Samsung’s side of the story.

Samsung called two computer scientists to attack Apple’s claim originality of its software patents.

According to Bloomberg, the witnesses showed technologies resembling and predating Apple’s “rubberbanding” years before the 2007 release of the iPhone.

Benjamin Bederson, a University of Maryland professor, said that he invented a system of 36 tiles, or application icons, in an interface allowing users to zoom in and out and interact with the images.

He created a “snapback feature” permits a user to scroll through the images until the border of the last tile is reached, when it stops.

The software was released in 2004, and it was demonstrated on an HP HPiPAQ 1900 pocket personal computer.

Adam Bogue, president of Circle Twelve, based in Massachusetts, told the jury how he invented Diamond Touch in 2001. This was a table of images that can be manipulated with the user’s hands. By adding the “table cloth” technology, which he first demonstrated in 2005, a user to pull the projected table back, grab an item and let it “snap back” into position.

Apple insisted that it invented all these things and Samsung just copied them. Samsung is  claiming that all these things were invented long before and did not spring fully formed from the head of Steve Jobs, as Apple has been claiming.