Samsung shows off new phone OS

Samsung has lifted the kimono on its new mobile phone platform which it hopes will set itself up as a big player in the smartphone market.

It has been showing of its Samsung ‘Wave’ smartphone during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung is the number two mobile phone vendor behind Nokia. It has just staged an elaborate pre-MWC event to showcase its new Bada based phone – the Wave.

The device is the first to be based on Samsung’s Bada platform, which it is lining up to compete with Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and RIM’s BlackBerry platforms.

Bada is an open platform, but it will probably need a little bit more than that if it hopes to compete with other smart phone makers. At the moment it is starting to look like there is a shortage of developers who will write code for the new machines. Andriod and the iPhone are getting all the attention.

Samsung was seeking to reduce its reliance on the embattled Windows Mobile platform, which is expected to get a major refresh this week. Bada also enabled Samsung to gain complete control of its handsets’ hardware and software.

Wave uses a new touchscreen technology called Super AMOLED, which Samsung says allows for bright colours and a thinner device.