Samsung scores own goal on Galaxy tablet

Hardware maker Samsung has ruled itself out of the running for giving Apple a good kicking in its iTablets by getting too greedy.

The Galaxy Tab, set to be released next week, was supposed to be a real threat to Jobs’ Mob because it had a better spec and was said to cost $199 with a long term contract.

Apple’s iPad is outrageously expensive for a keyboardless netbook and that was the Achilles’ heel of Jobs’ Mob’s business model for the project. So far it has only got away with it because rivals have been glacially slow about getting their own, more reasonably priced versions out there.

Samsung however has decided that it will copy Apple’s overpriced antics and try and screw extra cash out of users. It now appears that the outfit will charge $399. For that price many people are likely to consider going with an iPad that costs $100 more but offers Wi-Fi and/or 3G, different configurations, and an established App Store. Let’s not forget, it cost Samsung $170 or so dollars to make the beast so really it is just competing with to see how much it can cream off users.

The tablet will actually be more expensive than the iPad in Europe. Without subscriptions, prices in Europe will start at $900. The iPad, meanwhile, sells for $695 in Europe.

Samsung has decided to copy Apple’s horrible lock-in system in the US. It will require users to sign up for a two year 3G contract.

Sadly a large chunk of Tablet users don’t want or need 3G, so forcing them to buy it will also hold back sales.

It seems truly daft that Samsung will attempt to compete with the entrenched Apple’s overpriced gear by offering something even more expensive. In doing so it has written itself out of the competition and will have Steve Jobs laughing that his useless gizmo will continue to survive without valid competition