Samsung rumoured in Nokia buy

There are hushed words in Finland’s markets that Samsung could be contemplating a buy of that troubled native mobile manufacturer Nokia.

Dow Jones Newswire reporters have sought comment from both Nokia and Samsung who typically have responded by saying they don’t comment on rumours.

While it would be a surprise move, particularly with what is seen as a Microsoft stooge at Nokia’s helm, the Dow Jones tends to report where there are at least several grains of truth to be found.

Nokia also called its huge 7,000 worker lay-off, which TechEye scooped, a rumour and refused to comment. A couple of weeks later it happened. 

We hear there are some executives who have been furious at Elop’s handling of Nokia and the partnership with Redmond. 

The newswire flags Nokia’s statement on an MSFT buy denial, although TechEye has heard an executive has said: “This isn’t a deal between Nokia and Microsoft, this is a Microsoft take over.”

Is it possible that Microsoft will asset strip as much of the company as it can – before at least some of the company is hacked apart in a Finnish carvery and laid out on a platter to Samsung?