Samsung retaliates against Apple with patent lawsuit

As predicted, Samsung is filing a patent infringement lawsuit against its old chum Apple. While the lawsuits aren’t a direct response to Apple’s accusations, they do appear to be a case of tit-for-tat.

The unseemly row, apparently appearing from Scotch mist, could strike a blow to the otherwise healthy partnership the two companies have enjoyed for some time. Samsung and Apple have a huge chip deal along with panels and other assorted gubbins that ended up making the iPad and similar killer, polished devices. It’s a dangerous game.

This lawsuit pertains to transmission technologies in mobile – specifically transmission optimisation and power usage when data is sent. Samsung also claims there is a violation on a patent for 3G  which reduces transmission errors, as well as a way to tether a mobile to a PC in order to use the phone’s wireless connection, says the Wall Street Journal

Apple recently surprised the industry by accusing Samsung of copying its designs for smartphones, based on the iPhone. However there has been a meme doing the rounds online which claims one of Samsung’s iPhone-looking products had been shown to the world before the iPhone, and that the whole thing is bunk. 

Samsung rejects the lawsuit but seems happy to squabble in the courts. We wonder how this one will pan out – Apple has a proud tradition of flinging patent lawsuits challenging IP at rivals, but although Samsung has its own range of well-performing smartphones and mobile devices, the two are intertwined by a strong partnership, too.