Samsung plays a new note to upset Apple's cart

Samsung Electronics is about to release a new Galaxy Note smartphone which is designed to spoil the debut of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.

The release of the next Galaxy Note will come about two weeks before Apple launches its iPhone 5.

A Samsung spokesperson told Reuters that the next Galaxy Note will be shown off at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on 29 August.

South Korean media has been running some speculation that the phone will have an unbreakable, 5.5-inch display which is slightly larger than the current one. It is clear that Samsung hopes that the phone will be able to suck up those who also want a tablet.

It will come with a faster processor and a much better camera than the prevous Note.

All this is expected to deliver Apple another kick in the nadgers. Samsung’s earlier Galaxy S III made the iPhone 4S look out of date, but many expected the iPhone 5 to be a return to form for Cupertino.

Pundits had not assumed that Samsung would put out a phone that would counter Apple’s new offering, which means that things are getting interesting. The Note is not quite a full on rival to the iPhone, but with its big screen it does have a few advantages.

Apple shipments in the June quarter tumbled 26 percent on the previous quarter as customers decided they had better things to spend their cash on – like food.