Samsung is trashing Apple

cat versus dogWhile the Tame Apple Press is spinning Apple’s results to make it look as if everything is great behind the reality distortion field, it appears that it is ignoring one important fact – Apple is losing ground in smartphones.,

One of the key planks of the “Apple is still relevant” claims was that its iPhones 6 and iPhoneS was in great demand — particularly in China. And while it is true that sales of the iPhone 6 have been OK in China they were dropping in Apple’s home markets of the US and Europe.

Now figures from research firm Strategy Analytics have painted a different picture of the situation which should leave Tim Cook clutching his chest and calling for a quack.

Samsung overtook Apple Inc (AAPL.O) to recapture the title of world’s top smartphone maker by volume in the first quarter of 2015.

It said Samsung shipped 83.2 million smartphones worldwide and captured 24 percent market share in the quarter, down from 31 percent a year earlier but better than Apple’s 18 percent.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston said in a statement:”Samsung continued to face challenges in Asia and elsewhere, but its global performance has stabilized sufficiently well this quarter to overtake Apple and recapture first position as the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume,”

The difficulty here is that Samsung did not really have a product in the market, while Apple had its two best shots. Samsung is since doing extremely well with its new Galaxy S range which was expected to pull the rug from underneath Jobs’ Mob.

If Strategy Analytics is correct, then the rug had already been pulled and Samsung will be able to deliver a swift kick to Apple’s bottom line while it was down. Apple’s results then are starting to look like the beginning of the end.