Samsung invents a Google Glass which is useful

 Joe90Samsung has applied to patent a Google Glass-style device which enables users to interact with 3D images in mid-air to dial phone numbers and send SMS text messages.

Various patents relating to components in Samsung’s smart glasses project have been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Samsung’s patent application describes a Google Glass-like device with two cameras that project 3D images only the user can see. This means that users have a visual way to interact with apps and smartphone functions, similar to the way they would interact with their phones.

Users could interact with 3D images of apps projected onto surfaces like a desk.

To make a phone call or send a text message, the user can project the phone’s key pad on to his or her hand, held 10cm away from the glasses, and then use the fingers of another hand to press on the projected numbers on the hand to trigger the smartphone to make a call.

A user could also use this technique to type a quick SMS text message to a contact and flick through the phone’s dictionary for the correct word or character. You could even write a virtual note on a real note pad using a stylus that is recorded by the smart glasses, according the Samsung’s patent application.

The technology being used is known as SixthSense. It was developed by Pranav Mistry while he was studying for a PhD at MIT in 2009 and he showcased it in a TEDIndia talk in the same year. Mistry works for Samsung and he presented the very first version of the Samsung Gear VR headset in 2013.