Samsung Galaxy tablet prototype accidentally leaked

A tech hack from  had a bit of a scoop drop into his lap.

So far information on Samsung’s rival to the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy tablet, has been thin on the ground.

However an Aussie hack  Sanjiv Sathiah could not believe his luck when someone popped one out and used it on the train in front of him.

Sathiah grabbed his iPhone 4 and managed to get the camera to work without the yellow spots appearing on the screen and began filming the man carrying it when they entered the train at Central and sat down.

Sathiah, being an obvious Apple fanboy asks the bloke, who is not identified, if the iPad was better.   The bloke said that  the Samsung tablet was “very different” .He also said the tablet was “awesome” and that it ran Google’s Android operating system.

The bloke claimed that he did not work for Samsung, which implied that he was hired by someone like Telstra or Optus, and was testing the device to see how it worked on the company’s mobile network.

Technical specifications for the gizmo are scarce, but the official video reveals that the device will feature a 7-inch multitouch screen and will use Google’s Android 2.2 operating system.

This is the latest Android variant and the first to include official support for Adobe Flash, something the iPad does not support.The tablet will be capable of video calling, which Apple’s iPad cannot do. The tablet will be officially revealed on September 2, it said.