Samsung Galaxy Tablet details are leaked online

The first firmware version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been showing off the device’s specs and seems to indicate what the firm is planning to do with it.

According to , the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or the P1000, will only run on Android 2.2 and it looks like there will be a European version of the tablet.

The firmware, already in its third version, was released on the 10th of August. Looking inside, it seems to suggest that it will use a WVGA screen, a QVGA front webcam and a 2048×1536 rear camera.

The tab is set to use an S5PC110 processor, which is quite elderly now, but can run at 1GHz based on a Cortex A8-based core. The S5PC110 can play 1080p content with a built-in HDMI interface and is already present on the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

Word on the street is that it will all end up being flogged through Vodafone in Blighty, although the release of a product is some months away.

Other details which can be gleaned from the firmware include the following.

  • Screen resolution 480×800.
  • Camera Max resolution 2048×1536.
  • Camcorder Max resolution 2048×1536. (Not sure about this info)
  • Front cam Max resolution 240×320.
  • CPU Profile ARM11.
  • CPU Core S5PC110.
  • CPU speed 1.0GHz.
  • Flashplayer.
  • GPS. (Google Maps)
  • Wi-fi.
  • SyncML support.
  • Skype.
  • JavaScript 1.5.
  • Bluetooth, although it is not clear which version