Samsung bribes CyanogenMod

Phone-maker Samsung has found out a clever way of getting developers on side – bribe them with its latest smartphones.

According to Ars Technica, Samsung sent out a number of its Galaxy S II smartphones to members of the CyanogenMod group.

Four members of the software team received the gadget in the mail, direct from the company at no charge.

All the developers were told to do was to get the CyanogenMod working on the phone.

Samsung has a vested interest in getting the CyanogenMod going.

It replaces the stock operating system on your Android phone with a customised build, letting you make tweaks and adjustments that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to before. This means you can change skins and overclock the phone’s CPU.

It is one of the many things that phone makers are doing to get to the developer community.

However, this is the first time we have heard of phone makers shipping unlocked code for people to tinker with.

Cyanogen has 500,000 users so giving away a couple of phones is worthwhile if they say things like: “You will not hear me bad-mouth Samsung again”, which is what one of the CyanogenMod team tweeted on Monday.

If the developers are on side then they will write good code.

Samsung’s actions may bolster support from the developer community who in turn can influence others to buy the company’s phones.