Samsung baffled by Galaxy Tab success

The Samsung Galaxy Tab. The first one. It’s not even a year on and to say it looks dated would be kind.

Since, Samsung has started knocking out high-end consumer electronics that are powerful and are well received – but what about early adopters who put their faith in an alternative to Apple in the tablet market?

They won’t be pleased to hear the word from Samsung itself is that the Galaxy Tab was a rush job.

In fact, TechEye has heard that some of Samsung is baffled that the product did as well as it did, considering.

The reason for its conception was to be one of the first with a marketable alternative to the iPad.

We wonder what early adopters think. Samsung has gone on to make well regarded products and it will probably continue to do so.

But an extensive look at the Galaxy Tab almost a year later and the thing feels as dated as a mullet.