Rumour: Apple's already working on the iPhone 5

What do you do when complaints about your product reach staggering proportions? If you’re Apple you ignore them and begin working on a new model.

According to Scribble, speculation has already started on the iPhone 5’s specifications after the company announced that Benjamin Vigier would be joining the company as head of M-Commerce. It’s caused a bit of a commotion around the technology grapevine due to his experience in near field communication (NFC) technology, which if used on the iPhone 5, could potentially turn it into a credit/debit card.

However, before you fanboys get too carried away, it’s worth noting that Apple has looked into NFC before. In fact it’s filed a few patents concerning this technology including airline boarding pass iTravel as well as an NFC iPhone and iPod controller. And Apple isn’t the only one trying this out. Two years ago O2 announced it too was venturing into this field with train ticket NFC communications technology and banks have also looked into this.

We think Mr Jobs however, should concentrate on his iPhone 4 troubles before he even considers his next model.

Other rumours that have hit Apple over the past few months are that the company is planning on releasing three new iPods, including an new iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and a possible replacement for the iPod Shuffle that would incorporate a small 1.7-inch touch screen.

It’s also thought the company may release an iPad with a smaller screen.