Roman coppers turn to Twitter for parking violations

The glorious parking coppers of Rome have turned to Twitter in a desperate attempt to sort out parking in the eternal city.

The City of Rome is rubbish when it comes to parking. The only off-street parking costs you an arm and a leg and citizens are forced to “park creatively”. Rather than provide council parking, the local council spent a fortune on electronic cameras which filmed people parking illegally and issued them with a ticket.

This went down like “British food” as the electronic cameras issued a ticket even if it had snapped a picture of the car before. This resulted in some people getting ten parking tickets for what was arguably the same offence.

Now that particular cunning plan has failed, the Roman council has decided to use social notworking to solve the problem.

The council here has asked residents to post photos of bad parking jobs to Twitter. They have asked for mobile phone users to snap pics of drivers who had left their vehicles in no-parking areas, double-parked, or otherwise in violation of city law.

They then asked folks to tweet those photos to the department’s Twitter account. In the first 30 days of the campaign, police received more than 1,100 complaints, and officials were able to respond to around 740 of them, handing out several hundred tickets.

The officer in charge of the programme, Raphael Clemente, said that it was a great opportunity to give a sign of modernity, openness and transparency”.

Of course, it does mean that you can run passive aggressive rows with your neighbour which costs them a fortune and the Roman Commune still has not solved the problem of what to do about a complete lack of council car parking.