Robot becomes Thespian

Not happy with creating heterosexual female robots for their own pleasure, it seems boffins are creating one which appear to be programmed for alternative lifestyle choices.

A boffin has emerged from his smoke filled lab and said he had created a thespian.  We guess his colleagues wanted to know if they could watch.   After all the world does not have enough luvvies and a robot could fill any future shortage

The robot’s creators, Engineered Arts, have made him completely self-supporting, with his torso capable of bending and turning, his arms able to move about, and even basic facial gestures performed. He is powered by compressed air, with the control system sitting in his torso along with the air valves that help him move.

It would not be the first actor who was full of hot air but these critics can be a such a bitch.   While he moves in much the same way as Arnold Schwarzenegger performing Hamlet he can be programmed to perform a script on cue, translating text to speech in English, Spanish, Germany, French and even Mandarin Chinese.  It is always best if your eek is seen collecting a Bafta that you can embrace the whole world in its own language without dubbing or subtitles.