RIM's new CEO has a cunning plan

Research in Motion’s new CEO, Thorsten Heins, says he has a cunning plan for the Blackberry.

Heins, who has been polishing the chair at RIM, said that he will present the board with his plan for the company’s future in just a matter of weeks.

Speaking to Reuters, he said that he will have to show up at board meeting in two weeks to present his cunning plan.

He is not saying what his cunning plan is yet, but it’s so cunning you can brush your teeth with it. He should know – he has been promoted from the role of chief operating officer. Heins would have had a lot of experience having cunning plans shoveled up to be eaten by the two headed former CEO Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, where they would end up being digested and cast out as things like RIM’s wonderful tablet.

Heins said that while RIM is growing in other countries, its US business is down the drain and losing ground to the iPhone at US service providers.

Corporations, where it once had a clear advantage among employees heavily dependent on its email service, are looking at alternatives. However, Heins said that RIM only needs to be seen as a turnaround candidate in the US where it lost shedloads of its market share.

His cunning plan must involve the telephone operators who are keener to subsidise Android and iPhone products but are looking twice at RIM.

They were annoyed that RIM had to announce in December that it’s delaying the BlackBerry 10m, which is its next generation software, until the later part of 2012. RIM didn’t think there was a chip good enough for it yet, but Heins believes these will be ready in time for Christmas.

RIM could look at new ways of bundling different devices together or offering carriers smartphones with a package of pre-loaded software, he hinted

We think, however, some of his cunning plan might be as good as the one which involved sorting out his low roof by cutting his own head off.

One idea appears to be betting on the company’s PlayBook to compete with Apple’s iPad. This is like betting on a pantomime horse to win the Derby without doping the other competitors.

He said RIM will launch a version of the Playbook with a high-speed wireless connection based on LTE.

This is hardly innovation. Verizon Wireless and AT&T are already promoting LTE devices including smartphones and tablets from RIM’s rivals. But at least it will position RIM in the running.