RIM wants two years to address India's security concerns

RIM has said it wants an additional 18-24 months to address the security concerns of Indian agencies.

The move is part of an ongoing battle between the smartphone maker and the Indian government, which, since last year has been demanding the encryption keys to the company’s email services.

However, it’s also asked the government not to ban its services in the interim period and claims that in the meantime it will provide a manual way in which to intercept BlackBerry Messenger services. It added that an automatic service for this will be provided by January 31.

Recently India threatened the BlackBerry maker and said it would shut down all corporate email and BlackBerry Messenger services if RIM did not address what India believes to be a massive security risk. RIM was able to dodge a ban last year from the Indian government.

However, government heads aren’t pleased about the situation. Ram Narain and Gautam Kumar from the telecom ministry’s security division and RK Suman, a director in the home ministry, said more needed to be done. They said they were still unable to open files in the ‘jpeg format’, which a RIM representative said would be done by the end of this month.

The Economic Times dug out the documents of the meeting which claimed: “With regard to interception and monitoring of BlackBerry Enterprise Service, the RIM representative suggested that interception and monitoring in readable format is possible at the BES server/mail located at the enterprise, which is availing the enterprise email services through BlackBerry platform.”

We wonder what Blackberry will be saying this time next year.