RIM says "no, thanks" to encrypted email access

RIM is at it again. It says it’s impossible to give India’s top dogs access to corporate emails on its BlackBerry devices.

“There is no possibility of us providing any kind of a solution,” RIM vice president Robert Crow told reporters. “There is no solution, there are no keys to be handed.”

The claims are the latest in a long running saga between India and the Blackberry maker, which, has dragged on almost as long as a Blackberry phone contract.

The fuss kicked off after India demanded access to all BlackBerry services in a bid to “fight terrorism” and security threats over the internet and through telephone communications.

It has been attempting to bully RIM to hand over encryption keys and codes or risk a blanket country-wide ban.

Earlier this month, RIM tried to save its bacon by giving India access to its Messenger service.

However in the same breath it also added that it wanted an additional 18-24 months to address the security concerns of Indian agencies.

But today it seems to have concluded that there is no way it can give codes to encrypted  business emails, claiming it does not have a master key to decode them. It moved to put businesses into the limelight adding that each organisation would have the technical capability to grant access to its own encrypted enterprise email.

Last year, the company narrowly escaped a ban in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It also stopped the ban in India after claiming it would find a solution to the country’s concerns

Just another claim in the long running battle between India and RIM.