RIM releases new KnackerBerry OS

Research In Motion is hoping to pull its nadgers out of the fire with a new operating system which it hopes will encourage developers create applications for its PlayBook tablet computer and smartphones.

BlackBerry BBX bridges RIM’s current BlackBerry operating system and its newer QNX platform. Co-Chief Executive Officer Mike Lazaridis said the new OS should remove developer “roadblocks” and make it easier for them to build applications for RIM. Of course he did not tell anyone when the BBX program will be around but we are getting used to seeing this from RIM.

Lazaridis told the BlackBerry DevCon conference in San Francisco that developers were vital to RIM’s cunning plans which are mostly focused on survival at the moment.

According to Business Week, RIM has also released a new beta version of its PlayBook software, now available for developers that allow them to create PlayBook versions of their existing Android applications. But while it is doing all this it has still not come up with a dedicated email program for the PlayBook which punters have been screaming for.

The company had said in May that a software upgrade for the PlayBook that has built-in email, contacts and calendar programs would come in summer. Last month, Lazaridis said RIM would release that upgrade in October.

PlayBook shipments are falling thanks to the tablet’s email shortcomings and lack of consumer applications.

Meanwhile RIM’s US smartphone market share fell to 20 percent in the quarter through August from 25 percent three months earlier, according to ComScore.

RIM has not given any details as to when its first phones built with QNX will be available either. So far RIM has muttered stuff about early 2012.