RIM publicity stunt backfires disastrously

Troubled mobile phone company RIM is lurching from disaster to disaster after a PR stunt against Apple was an embarrassing backfire.

Only RIM could stuff up a stunt which was designed to make fun of Apple fanboys. It arranged a flash mob protest at the Apple store with black-clad demonstrators shouted at fanboys to “wake up”.

It all started when RIM held an extended protest outside Apple’s Sydney CBD store last week. A video of the protest was placed on YouTube and went viral. The “wake up” website has nothing but the slogan ‘Wake Up’ and a countdown timer, which has been timed to the release date of BlackBerry’s new operating system BlackBerry10.

That would have been a result if it had not been for the fact that many people believed that the stunt had been arranged by Samsung – which has a new Galaxy smartphone coming out. Then when Samsung said that it was not behind it, Blackberry had to come forward with the punchline that it was all about RIM.

All that it told the great unwashed was that RIM is such an also-ran its name was forgotten as a possible candidate.

Then, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple fanboys decided to strike back and various sites ran stories that RIM had to pay bloggers to report on the stunt.

The man who managed to capture the protest on video, Nate ‘Blunty’ Burr, had previously posted a glowing three-part review of the BlackBerry Playbook.

RIM was forced to issue a statements saying that bloggers were not paid for this campaign or told what to say. In other words it was all a mess.