RIM PlayBook turns GoneawayBook

RIM’s shares continue to take tumbles, as rumours emerge from the Boy Genius Report that it is set to discontinue its distinctly unplayful Playbook.

The launch of RIM’s tablet has been plagued with crap reviews and mystified punters, who don’t recognise the ability to run Flash as any kind of life-changing selling point. RIM challenges the claims with a firm denial that it won’t stop production, but then – there is often truth in silence or denial. And as a famous Nazi once said, say it three times, and it’s true. RIM’s somewhere at 2.9.

RIM’s problem, which according to an alleged leaked internal memo, is the two headed hydra at the top which is prone to thinking it knows best and throwing public hissy fits on the BBC.  The memo, if real, alleged that they continually flouted the advice of other execs.

When the PlayBook finally hit it was with an underwhelming response. Apple fanboy Walt Mossberg immediately said the product didn’t make sense, but he thinks Flash is crap anyway.

It’s a mystery why Adobe’s entire marketing push in the UK has been centred around Flash. Who cares?  The juxtaposed Queen track has done little to endear it to the public.
BGR quotes RBC Capital Markets MD Mike Abramsky as suggesting RIM may be planning to pull the plug on the Wi-Fi Playbook. 

Abramsky says the Wi-Fi product could be scrapped because of a production pull back which would match stock levels with the lacklustre sales.

How long will the PlayBook last? In its current form we don’t expect long. We’re also curious to hear about RIM’s bulk-buy business customers who pre-ordered the Playbook. The question is, how do businesses feel about their seduction into pre-orders for a thoroughly mediocre product.