RIM plans to sell 2.5 million tablets

Canadian business toymaker Research In Motion is apparently planning to make 2.5 million BlackBerry tablets, to sell before Christmas.

According to Susquehanna Research analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro, the Blackpad will sell like hotcakes. If he is right, then it will go some way to giving Apple’s iPad a bit of a shock. The iPad sold 3.27 million units in its first quarter.

In some respects he might be correct. The business community is getting all excited about the iPad, but at the same time Blackberry hardware tends to work better with business systems.

What we know about the beast is that it will have a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth and multiple cameras.

Other rumours claim that the Black Pad will offer mobile Internet, but only through another BlackBerry smartphone. In other words, you’ll need to already own a BlackBerry to use a BlackPad. This would be annoying.

Other rumours are that it will not have a GPS system on board, which we think will make it as competitive to the iPad as a jelly fish is to a mountain lion.

We are expecting to hear details about the Blackpad at next week’s RIM Developer conference.

Already Rim’s suppliers are enthusiastic about signing up for it. But if 2.5 million is an accurate guess, we can see why.