RIM plans 30 January as D-Day

RIM has announced that on 30 January it will release the Blackberry 10 and seal its future for good or bad.

The company has been run into the ground for the last year or so and bet the farm on the success of its Blackberry 10 smartphone.

However, it was supposed to be released in October and was delayed until “early next year”.

There are some fears that when it finally hits the shops the Blackberry 10 will be, at best, the same as the other phones out there, or, at worst, out of date. Either way, RIM would miss the crucial Christmas shopping period.

Even in announcing the date of launch, RIM has not said when the phone will be on the shelves.

The company said that it will release two models: one with a touchscreen, the other with a Qwerty keyboard.

RIM chief executive Thorsten Heins said that the Blackberry 10 is a truly unique mobile that adapts to the users’ needs.

He insists that it is unlike any smartphone on the market today.

Dubbed the Blackberry Flow, the phone allow users to move between a range of aspps, heading from an email to calendar to a social network without returning to a home screen.