RIM needs an iPhone developer

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has surprised the world and its dog by wanting to hire someone who has a lot of experience building applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

According to a job posting on its LinkedIn, the company appears to want to adapt some of its proprietary applications for use on Apple’s iOS.

For a while now the strokers of beards and people in the know have thought that RIM could make its Blackberry Messenger instant messaging service available on rival platforms including Android and Apple.

The big idea is that it could create a fresh revenue stream for RIM although it would mean that Blackberry users would not really need to stay loyal to the brand.

The developer apparently will “create exciting enterprise applications for distribution on the iOS platform” and would be “capable of architecting, designing, developing and testing complex applications for iPhone and iPad devices.”

RIM told Reuters  that the job advert was part of the company’s development efforts around the Blackberry Mobile Fusion device management software. It will allow businesses and governments to manage Apple and Android devices in much the same way they can handle the Blackberry.

It has its work cut out for it. A recent survey showed only 16 percent of developers were “very interested” in creating apps for Blackberry, while 90 percent were “very interested” in Apple and 80 percent were “very interested” in Android.