RIM has a Playbook fire sale

Troubled Blackberry maker RIM is having a fire sale of its less than popular Playbook.

Playbook was one of those “iPad killers” which proved that the only people who could get away with flogging a keyboardless netbook was Apple.

According to Engadget, RIM now has a lot of Playbooks in its store house which will soon be about as out-of-date as Max Bygraves singing Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. But what RIM realised that people will buy any tatty tablet, even with WebOS on board, if you sell it cheap enough.

Sure, RIM will be out of pocket, but at least it will have a good user base for the future and not have dark-age stock gathering mould in its warehouse.

From February, those in the Land of the Free can save more than $400 of their Chinese-backed dollars on a Playbook.

RIM’s official webstore is offering the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model for $299. Clearly this is one of those RIM executive decisions which has lead to the company becoming a market leader. After all, everyone will be happy to cough up the same money for the 16GB as for the 64GB version.

It’s not clear yet if the reductions are part of RIM abandoning the worst bit of kit to come out since Chi Chi the Panda knitted the jerseys for Chelsea in 1957.