RIM haemorrhages customers in Australia

While RIM is attempting to convince people that it is still a player, it appears that the population of the former British penal colony, Australia, are abandoning the telco.

Apparently some enterprise users have sought advice about their options if RIM should go down suddenly and leave the platform unsupported, others are just finding other suppliers before anything bad happens.

RIM’s Australian chief Ray Gillenwater has already seen the writing on the wall and announced he is leaving and senior staff down under have been departing fast.

Long-time CEO Adele Beachley, who left in January, and her replacement Ray Gillenwater, hardly got the seat warm before the job went to marketing chief Matt Ball earlier this week.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, mobile technology analyst at IBRS, James Turner, has been fielding calls from worried corporate clients who want information about RIM’s short to medium term prospects.

Blackberry is still in widespread use at many of Australia’s largest firms, courtesy of its historic reputation for reliability and security with a 52 percent market penetration within organisations with more than 2,000 staff.

IBRS is telling its corporate clients to be alert but not alarmed yet.

Gartner research vice president Geoff Johnson said that there was not a panic, but but a background move away from Blackberriy devices among big companies.

Johnson said he is not seeing any en masse defections yet but instead there is a steady switching. Once there was a 70/30 ratio of Blackberry to iPhone and Android devices two years ago but now that is reversed.