RIM Dolby patent tiff settled

Research In Motion, maker of government-favourite the Blackberry, has settled with Dolby on a patent spat that has been trailing on since earlier this year.

Dolby initiated the tiff back in June, seeking financial damages from RIM and claiming that plenty of its products were infringed on.

The patents in question could be found in tons of RIM kit, including Blackberry phones and the doomed Playbook. It said the two-headed Canadian Hydra which refuses to retire, Lazaridis and the Other One, refused to pay for a Dolby licence.

In turn, Dolby wanted RIM products off the market. Dolby sued it in both America and Germany, conveniently covering two continents.

It all must have been a bit too much for poor old RIM, which is enduring plenty of problems of its own, as it has finally agreed to shell out to use Dolby technologies legitimately.

RIM hasn’t released any details on how much it had its arm twisted, says the Dow Jones