RIM decides it needs super heroes

The Justice League of Canada, which includes such super heroes as Seal Clubbing Man, Camomile Woman, Hibernation Man and Maple Syrup Boy, has received a call from RIM asking it to send a hero to sort out its problems.

Earlier this week we reported the new RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said that he had a cunning plan, but he did not say what it was. It turns out that he had been on the blower for a whole host of super heroes dedicated to helping save the outfit’s bottom line from the evil Apple cult.

We guess he was hoping for someone who could leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but since the economy is not going so well, it appears the Justice League sent a previously unknown bunch of super heroes called the Be Bold family.

The Be Bold’s unfortunate name came from the fact that a family were listening to Kenneth Williams staring in Round the Horne on the BBC World Service. Characters Julian and Sandy were just extolling Kenneth Horne to “Be Bold” and wear a fetching fake fox fur. Suddenly the entire family were bitten by radio active harp seal cubs and transformed into the Be Bold’s super family.

They don’t seem to do much other than turn up to a RIM event wearing odd coloured Lycra and shouting “Be Bold” in the style of Kenneth Williams.

However, it seems that Heins thinks that this is all that is needed to re-establish RIM in the corporate market and kill off the undead legions of Jobs’ Mob.

The Bold Team concept is not part of a full-on marketing campaign and after it became the object of ridicule the Canadian firm was quick to say this was just intended to be a bit of fun. Canadians apparently know a lot about fun.

Still, that isn’t stopping people from mocking the effort and making harsh comments on Twitter using the #BeBold hashtag.