RIM claims to have pulled its socks up

Troubled mobile maker RIM has been telling the world and its dog that it is ready to compete in Europe.

Research In Motion’s new chief executive, Thorsten Heins, told a group of developers that the next generation of BlackBerry’s smartphones is “ready to compete” and he is confident in RIM’s long-term future.

He did not say what RIM’s long term future would be.

The outfit has lost market share and value after being given a good kicking by Apple, Google and Samsung. However, Heins thinks that the new range of products powered by its QNX operating system will improve its image.

Heins said that the smartphone market is still young, and there are huge opportunities for RIM.

According to Reuters, he believed the new technology used in BlackBerry 10 devices will set the standard for a “new user paradigm” for use in the home, cars, tablets and in smartphones. Right.

This should be a little worrying as no one has actually used the word paradigm in a public place since the middle of 2004 after a terrible accident between a paradigm and someone kicking the ball running.

While a Golden Dawn might be seen by RIM it is certainly a long way off.

RIM said in December that it is delaying the launch of phones based on BlackBerry 10 until the later part of 2012 as it is awaiting the availability of a high-powered chip.