RIM buys Ubitexx

Mobile outfit Rim has bought Ubitexx, which is a software maker that will let RIM help its enterprise customers run Apple’s iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

Why on earth you would want to encourage business customers to even look at your rival’s products is a mystery to us, but it might be that RIM  is hedging its bets.

Apparently corporate knowledge workers insist on using their iPhones, iPads and Android devices as their primary business device, and Rim is taking an “if you can’t beat em” approach to the problem.

The plan is that RIM will set up its Blackberry Enterprise Server, which acts as a gatekeeper for corporate data exchanged via Blackberry handsets, so it can protect Apple’s iPhone and iPad, as well as Android-based Samsung Galaxy S smartphones and the Motorola Xoom and LG G-slate tablets.

Administrators can activate devices and push software updates over the air, lock and wipe devices, reset passwords and manage certain mobile applications from the console.

RIM has said that some management features, such as push technology and IT policies, will only work on the BlackBerry devices because they are built directly into a device’s operating system.

It will mean that IT administrators can strike a balance between helping their employees use their devices of choice while protecting any proprietary, corporate data that resides on them.

A multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution with iOS and Android device coverage will be in the shops by Yuletide.