RIM admits it needs a financial advisor

In one of the biggest understatements in IT history, RIM has admitted that it needs to hire an outside consultant to help it with its money.

Financial consultants are seen in the business world as a panacea for all illnesses.

According to Reuters, RIM said that it needs a financial adviser to weigh its strategic options. After all you are never sure how much weight your strategic options have put on and they are devils to get onto a pair of scales without assistance.

RIM said while reporting its latest quarterly results in late March that it was considering options including partnerships, licensing deals, joint ventures or even a sale.

However, it might just be looking for a way to help its new chief executive officer relax. We are surprised that RIM had not being hiring financial experts for a while now.

After all, any manager can cause a company problems, but to really mess things up it takes an accountant.