Rich mainlanders jet to Hong Kong for absurd Apple gear

Rich mainlanders are more than happy to catch a plane to Hong Kong for the latest in status-symbol Apple gear, according to an ex salesman in the region.

Described as “ballin’ rich”, wealthy Chinese would frequently make the hop over to the former British colony to buy blinged out iPads and iPhones, some of which sold for the equivalent of $1,500.

In their time with Apple in Hong Kong, our source described how some “clueless” rich customers would catch flights simply to ask when the iPhone 5 was coming out. Others would buy multiple blinged out iPads and iPhones, with one customer owning 15 of the same model.

Not only that, but some Chinese – from a country where, in parts, Apple products are viewed as an essential status symbol – could not figure out how to download their apps. Some salesmen at this Hong Kong Apple store would charge a hundred dollars on the side to give customers a run through on how to download and run the apps they wanted.

Our source described the whole situation as “insane”.