Reviewers paste iOS4's multitasking

Jobs’ Mob’s move to allow multitasking on the iOS4 operating system is a mess and half-hearted.

Reviews are starting to come in which suggest that the method used on Jobs’ Mob’s iOS4 is so bad that it is clear the outfit is trying to make a statement.

As Jared Newman in PC World wrote,   Apple did not really want multitasking on the iPhone, and iOS4’s halfhearted attempt proves it.

The reviewers beef with the iOS4’s multitasking is that while it lets you do some things it does them at the expense of some of the things that make the iPhone OS great.

If the iOS4 had real multitasking this this would be bearable, but it doesn’t.

iOS4 freezes functions that aren’t in use. Only music,VoIP apps and GPS apps can work while you are doing something else.

This means that the trick of doing something more interesting while waiting for a YouTube video to buffer over a 3G connection is impossible. You have to stare at the loading screen.

To make matters worse when you open an application you have to close it by pressing and holding any app icon, then clicking the top-left corner of the apps. If you don’t your tray becomes clogged and makes it hard to find the apps you want. This action is a lot like a task manager in windows.

Apple supremo Steve Jobs famously said that when it comes to multitasking, if a user has to use a task manager, the developer “blew it”.

He was having a little dig at the Windows Task Manager, which is used to shut down a frozen program. However it sounds like with multitasking on the iOS4 is doing just that. Apple appears to have blown it.

Apple was incredibly unhappy providing the hardware which would back multi-tasking. It seems that its attempts in iOS4 are just a fake which it hopes will not be caught out. 

Apple Insider admits that  Apple’s new multitasking APIs are very similar in approach to Android’s which are also pretty grim.