Researchers create Marvin phone

Researchers in the US have come up with a phone which can tell if you are feeling a bit down and can suggest you call a few of your mates to cheer you up.

That is of course if you are not feeling depressed because you don’t have friends and you have been dumped by Siri.

The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine centre in the US has been trying to work out ways to use digital technologies to treat depression and other mood disorders.

A phone which uses the technology is called Mobilyze! And a small trial run has indicated that it is effective in reducing signs of depression.

The phone reads your mood using sensor data that interprets your location, activity level, social context and mood, ultimately detecting signs of depression. It takes a while to work out your typical lifestyle patterns, and notices if you are making calls and getting emails.

If the phone thinks you are in an isolated environment, it will suggest that you call or see friends.

Shrink David Mohr, director of the new Centre for Behavioral Intervention Technologies said that by prompting people to increase behaviours that are pleasurable or rewarding, the Mobilyze! will improve a person’s mood.

The idea is that creates a positive feedback loop. Someone is encouraged to see friends, then enjoys himself and wants to do it again. Staying at home has the opposite effect and causes a downward spiral.

We would test the phone but we think that if it looked at our behaviour working for TechEye it would call the men in white coats and sectioon us immediately.

No-one has said who, or what, will treat appliances when they get depressed, especially if they get a pain from the diodes in their left side.