Recession busting apps

With the recession still looming and pay day in a far far away land, many of us will be looking for ways to save our cash, either for that big holiday or for that big Friday night out.

In the past trying to save money has resulted in numerous amounts of speadsheets, calculators and hard work, but thanks to the invention of iPhones, Blackberrys and Android platform phones we’re seeing alot of Apps that do this all for us. We give you our favourite ten.

0870 for iPhone
If, like us you rely solely on a mobile phone to make and receive calls, then you’ll know how expensive and frustrating it is when you have to call those premium rate 0870 numbers (and we’re sure companies keep us on hold a lot longer than they should). However, now there’s an app to help us get our own back. O870 suggests cheaper alternatives to these premium numbers. Download the app and use your key pad to type in the number of the company you are trying to reach. The app will then search for a cheaper number.

Simple Budget 2 for Blackberry
Simple Budget 2 gives Blackberry users assistance to help them manage their budget with as little work as possible. Unlike old expense trackers which require tedious form filling, this app lets you throw in how much money you’ve spent so you can get on with other things.

ShopSavvy for Android
Get your Android mobile out and start snapping barcodes to save money. ShopSavvy is an app which then uses the barcode and your location to search for cheaper prices online and in stores nearby.

Red Laser for the iPhone
If you’re an iPhone user and feeling a bit left out after reading about our last app then fear not. Red Laser works in a similar way to the ShopSavvy app letting you scan barcodes and search online for lower prices using Google Product Search or Amazon.

Tip and Split for iPhone
If you’re an iPhone user with an appetite for restaurant food and good company then this app is perfect. It lets you enter a bill total including the service charge and then splits the cost amongst the number of diners. Unfortunately it’s no good for those who have tight friends who insist on paying for just their share.  

Cook It for Android
If your cupboards are as bare as ours, then you’ll know how tempting it is to call in a takeaway or go out for dinner. Cook It for the Android stops this. The online cookbook app lets you put in the ingredients you have lurking in your kitchen and comes up with a recipe. Thankfully though there isn’t one for mouldy cheese.

Toptable Restaurant Finder for iPhone
If you’re all out of food and don’t have an Android phone to get the app we mentioned above then do the next best thing and download the Toptable restaurant finder onto your iPhone. Using this app you can find and book restaurants near you as well as getting lots of special offers.

Truphone for Android
Stay in contact with jet setting friends and family cheaply with this app, which gives you cheaper calls to a wide range of countries. Save the money you would have spent on calls to your travelling mates and get a plane ticket to go see them.

AirFare for iPhone
If you have an iPhone then this app is perfect for helping you find a cheap flight out of here. Save the money and spend it while you’re at your destination.

Debt Rescue 911 for Blackberry
This Blackberry app has been created for people who are really feeling the credit crunch pinch and managed to get themselves in debt. It works like an AA meeting (without having to be there and without the urge for alcohol) giving a huge range of advice and hints to help you get out of debt.