RAC device predicts your motor breaking down

Motoring group RAC has come up with a new bit of gear which will tell you what is wrong with your car before it breaks down.

A device, no bigger than a matchbox, will give motorists advanced warning of their car breaking down.

Dubbed “RAC Advance”, it is being introduced by the breakdown service to help its patrols diagnose what is wrong with a car before they even turn up.

The RAC device, which members will be able to rent for under £10 a month, carries out a computer diagnosis and contains a SIM card. This generates information over the mobile phone network to the breakdown service’s patrols.

The RAC thinks this means that it can tackle roadside problems faster and cut the time drivers have to wait for a patrol to turn up. WIth a SIM on board it can also tell the RAC where you are.

The information can be transmitted to drivers’ own smart phones, warning them if their car has a potential fault like a battery in danger of going flat.

The boxes can pick up faults such as battery failure, battery drain, alternator problems, brake wear or diesel particulate filters becoming clogged.

It can also tell if the oil is low, emission levels are too high or there are problems with the throttle.

The move was possible because the EU insisted that car manufacturers provided independent garages with data about their cars.