Queen gets new Blackberry

The British Queen  is not one to buy a gadget because of clever marketing, so we are not surprised that Jobs’ Mob has lost out to provide Her Majesty with a phone.


Queen Elizabeth II was given the latest Blackberry while touring the Canadian headquarters of its maker, Research in Motion (RIM).


The Queen is a big fan of smartphones since her her son, Prince Andrew, introduced her to them a few years ago.  One apparently has an iPod.


Company co-founder Mike Lazaridis presented queen with the most current model, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, personalised with an image of area school children offering her flowers.


The Queen is still Canada’s titular head of state, which is probably why the country is a bit more civilised than its neighbours.  She was greeted inside by dozens of RIM workers in blue smocks who would normally be busy on their computers designing and making the latest smartphones.


It was the first time media have been allowed on RIM’s workfloor and there would not have been a single member of the tech press amongst them.


Later, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, donned 3D eyewear to watch a few minutes of a new 3D film by Deepa Mehta being shot at the Pinewood movie studio in Toronto.


As far as we are aware the Duke of Edinburgh did not attempt to order a curry from the the 3D image.