Quantum tech could see touchy-feely gaming on the go

Samsung has licensed quantum physics technology from Yorkshire-based boffins which could make the next generation of smartphone touchscreens and keyboards pressure sensitive.


Peratech is the inventor of the futuristic sounding Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) technology, which Samsung want to use in ‘Navikeys’ – five way input devices that are used for mobile phone navigation and interaction.


Traditional devices are made using dome switches that allow current to flow when depressed for simple on/off operations. By replacing them with force sensitive QTC, the input device would be pressure sensitive. As more pressure is applied, more current flows.


Scrolling through websites could be faster or slower, but it could also create a 3D effect where you can scroll to your required app by the pressure you use from you finger.


Principal manager at Samsung Electro-mechanics Dr. Ho-Chul Joung said: “This three-dimensionality cannot be matched with existing and capacitive technologies and means the next generation of mobile phones will have many new exciting features because of it.”


With an ability to press the screen hard enough to vary the speed of movement, there are also potentially other benefits in areas such as gaming.


Imagine if you will a game where a character is responsive to the touch of your finger depending on how hard or soft you press it. Hmm. The Japanese may well have a few ‘alternative’ style games in mind.