Qualcomm CEO says live events could save mobile TV

Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs has told a technology panel in Silicon Valley that Mobile TV isn’t dead or dying, but needs a short in the arm with technologies that would enable live broadcasting. 

This is in line with what a little bird told us at this November’s Music 4.5 conference, London. Live event streaming is going to be the next big thing, and there are hush-hush talks between labels, tv networks and production companies on a way to edge a Spotify-esque streaming service into the market some time in the new year. We’ll hear something then. 

AllThingsD reporter Kara Swisher asked the question, according to RCR Wireless. Jacobs said he still believes in mobile TV, it’s just that Qualcomm’s heavy handed approach – with a substantial financial push – didn’t “get enough subscribers”. 

It didn’t work for Sega’s Game Gear and it didn’t work for Qualcomm. 

At the moment there’s not enough spectrum, according to Jacobs, for live streaming. But as bandwidth and spectrum widens, and the power of mobile devices increases, there’s a possibility it could work. And that’s what we’ve heard the events industries want to do. Sports, music and conferences –  for a small fee it will promote sales, music, and venues so we have heard.

While plenty of people don’t want to stomach the potential mudfest that is Glastonbury it always finds a reasonable audience, live on television, as do repeats. Watching sports live is more exciting than enduring Match of the Day or its ilk, and there are contracts a plenty to be tapped with the right technologies and the right push. People tune into exclusive live radio sessions, too.

So watch this space. Or maybe not.