Qantas drops Blackberry from a great height

Aussie Airline Qantas has dumped the Blackberry after employees decided they wanted an iPhone instead.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Qantas announced that it was replacing 1,300 company-issued Blackberrys with iPhones.

The move would save it $1.43 million. It was the second big company to walk away from RIM down-under this week. IBM was also reported to be dropping RIM for iPhones for 500 employees in Australia.

Qantas failed to mention that it was abandoning the Blackberry because it was a bit out of date and the company was about as valued as a pair of dingo’s kidneys.

It said that it was all part of a broader mobility strategy and once complete will result in significant cost savings.

We know what you are thinking. If the iPhone proves cheaper than the Blackberry, then how much was Qantas forking out for the technology?

Qantas is not saying, but it did hint that having iPhones allowed for a simpler supporting infrastructure and data agreements reached with its providers were “much better”.

Still it is jolly bad news for the troubled RIM, which is losing customers, cash and credibility even faster than Nokia and Sony.

Last week RIM’s Ray Gillenwater, the head of its Australian and New Zealand operations, had fled the office just months after being promoted to the job.  We guess he had seen the books.