Profitable mobile ads will bother us even more

Mobile advertising revenues are expected to more than double this year to $3.3 billion.

Following $1.6 billion splashed out by firms trying to ply their wares last year, analysts at Gartner are expecting that we are only just seeing the beginnings of an influx of ads.

In fact, Gartner thinks that by 2015 there will be a massive $20.6 billion spent on advertising for mobile devices, enough to posthumously wind up Bill Hicks. 

Exactly how much will be spent by companies sending text messages to tell you how to make a claim for an injury you never had is unclear.

As tablets and smartphones continue their inexorable rise in popularity, mobile ad revenues in various forms are set to mount up as companies increase budget, jumping from 0.5 percent total ad money spent to four percent in 2015.

One of the reasons for the increased expenditure is that as more consumers spend their dosh on mobile devices, the audience will increase and become easier to segment, consequently making it easier to target people more specifically.

The success of Facebook’s targeted advertising has shown it can be highly lucrative.

Advertising will take a variety of forms on mobile platforms, with mobile search incorporating map positioning and technology such as the much vaunted augmented reality expected to rake in the most cash.

Mobile display, meanwhile, will see banner format ads, as well as nonstandard rich media and interactive formats, continue to feature prominently in both mobile browsers and in apps.

Video/audio ads will be the fastest growing area up to 2015.

It’s North America and Western Europe where the mobile ad kitty will grow the most over the next few years, accounting for $5.7 billion and $5.1 billion respectively.

But it will be in the Asia/Pacific region where the most cash will be splashed overall, accounting for 49.2 percent of the total amount spent on mobile advertising this year, though this will drop to 33.6 percent by 2015.

Then again it’s hard to predict this stuff, innit? Who knows. 

Table 1
MobileAdvertising Revenue by Region, Worldwide, 2008-2015 (Millions of Dollars)





North America




Western Europe




Asia/Pacific and Japan




Rest of the World