Prices rise for handset displays

Market research outfit Displaysearch claims prices are rising for higher resolution touchscreen displays as punters are increasingly prepared to pay more and buy a smartphone. Total shipments of displays rose six percent in last year’s third quarter from the second quarter, whilst revenue for displays with higher resolutions rose 13 percent.

According to Displaysearch, revenues outpaced shipments for the third consecutive quarter.Demand for smartphone displays managed to offset falling average selling prices (ASP). The ASP for mobile phone screens went up four percent year over year, heading to $8.19.

Mobile phone bigwigs Samsung and Nokia apparently seem to carry part of the blame, as both companies have been churning out handsets featuring AMOLED displays. Displaysearch says shipments of such screens totalled 13.5 million units, an increase of 132 compared to 2009 and 65 percent to the second quarter of 2010. Samsung Mobile Display had a stonking share of 98.3 percent in the AMOLED mobile panel market.

DisplaySearch Phone Display ASP

Broken down by resolution, HVGA displays (320×480) had a share of 22 percent of demandm whereas WVGA (400×800 and 400×864) rose from a5.3 percent in the second quarter to 8% in the third. DVGA (640×960) resolution displays, as used in the ever so popular iPhone, hopped up quarter over quarter to 3.2 percent from 1.9 percent.

Nonetheless, bog average a-Si TFT displays still account for 60 percent share of all mobile phone display shipments, whereas LTPS TFT LCDs came second place with a 22.5% market share.