Prices fall on Windows Phone 7 applications

Average prices on Windows Phone 7 applications are falling.

Windows Mobile applications cost much more than Android and Itunes stores and it seemed that Windows Mobile 7 was set to follow suit.

Now, according to application marketplace intelligence company Distimo, the price of applications in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace closely mirrors the prices in other application stores.

The prices of the 100 most popular applications in the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Marketplace are also comparable to or cheaper than those found in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Marketplace; 57 percent of the top 100 apps in WP7 Marketplace are priced at less than $2 versus around $3 for the most popular applications in other stores.

Distimo said that the lower application pricing is a reflection of the platform’s new “consumer-oriented” direction.

Unlike the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, all of the top ten paid applications in the new store are games, the prices of which range from $2.99 to $6.99.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has grown to just under 3,000 apps, while Apple’s App store has 300,000 apps, RIM’s BlackBerry App World has almost 14,500 apps, and Nokia’s Ovi Store has 28,000 apps) and now boasts more than 15,000 registered developers.

Here is the top ten list of paid applications in the US for October:

Apple App Store for iPad – Cut the Rope HD – $1.99

Apple App Store for iPhone – Angry Birds – $0.99

Google Android Market – Beautiful Widgets – $2.07

BlackBerry App World – PhotoClub-Funny Make Machine With Photos – $6.99

Windows Marketplace for Mobile – Meon – $2.99

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace – Bejeweled LIVE – $4.99

Nokia Ovi Store – FingerPrint-V2.8 – $2.99

Palm App Catalog – Tweed – $2.99

Based on this list Microsoft has a long way to go before it is making a killing in the App market. It looks like the Imperium and its developers have decided that price is an important factor in establishing itself.