Popbitch to launch tablet-only Popbitch2

The first regular online gossip mag, Popbitch, is to launch a tablet-only edition featuring rich content and contributions from influential film maker Adam Curtis, director of the Century of the Self.

Popbitch has broken stories long before they’ve been picked up by the nationals and occasionally runs pieces on technology, too – without it, would we know that Steve Ballmer (allegedly) has an oniony odour? It was also running rumours on notorious JingleJangleMonster Jimmy Savile before the tracksuited terror popped his clogs. It has a healthy interest in badgers and otters.

Popbitch has 400,000 subscribers to the free Thursday email and they were urged this week to head on over to the Popbitch2 Kickstarter page.  In a Curtis-made promotional video, we are told that the “world might not need celebrities, but as long as we have them, it sure as hell needs Popbitch”.

The idea for the magazine is to diversify away from celeb news into just about every other area of interest and to offer content optimised for tablets where print or web pages just can’t deliver the same experience. Popbitch’s weekly mailout will continue but the tablet edition will feature longer investigations and a commitment to journalism in post-Leveson Britain.

“We’ve kept Popbitch independent and free to readers for 12 years,” the blurb reads. “This independence is something we’re keen to keep, which is why we’re turning to you ahead of any multinational media giants or billionaire oligarchs with money to burn and a political agenda to push”.

Popbitch, the blurb points out, has been a crowd-funded effort already, so it makes sense to turn to Kickstarter. Here’s the link.

Popbitch2 needs £25,000 by Friday, 19 April. After just two days, the drive has already raised nearly £8,000. Backers can get anything from a limited edition PadBitch edition (for £3). £10 or more will get you a best-of ten year Popbitch bundle and 50 favourites from Old Jokes Home, as well as the tablet edition. Bigger backers  can get into parties in London or Sydney, a year’s subscription to the tablet edition, or to interview a pop icon in a Q&A for Popbitch.com.

Here’s a couple of our favourite Old Jokes, and, below, the video:

Sports shops are selling Jimmy Savile
memorial tracksuits.
They have an adult sized top but you
have to squeeze into children’s bottoms.


Higgs Boson goes into a Catholic church.
The priest says, “You’re not welcome here.”
Higgs Boson says “You can’t have mass
without me.”