Pentagon saves Blackberry

While the rest of the world is walking away from the mobile outfit Blackberry, it appears that the US government sees a major advantage in using its ultra-secure network and it has just bought 80,000 handsets.

The reason is to do with a new high-security network about to be launched by the Pentagon which will focus on ‘mobility’ devices – and of the smartphones and tablets it’s agreed to buy.

While this is not a huge contract in comparison to what Blackberry used to sell it is a vote of confidence for the ailing Canadian firm.

BlackBerrys have ultra-secure encryption systems which mean they are perfect for those in the business of hiding data. More than 90 percent of the 600,000 commercial devices already used by the US military are BlackBerrys.

BlackBerry has to make 80,000 devices in time, to order, and has just signed a deal to outsource manufacturing to Foxconn.

The move also means that Blackberry can suddenly market itself to businesses as providing military grade security. There are many company executives who do not want their emails and sexting to fall into the wrong hands and it will give Blackberry an edge when trying to flog corporate devices. Suddenly analysts are starting to feel more optimistic about the firm, which has not had much in the way of good news for years.