Peace talks between Apple and Samsung fail

Apple and Samsung have walked away from the negotiating table with Cupertino’s threats to patent troll its rival to death still standing.

It looks like a trial will begin in July, after two days of court-ordered mediation between Samsung and Apple.

Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung and Apple CEO Tim Cook were both present for the talks but they could not agree on the time of day and what to have for lunch.

Apple is saying nothing, of course, but a Samsung official grassed the whole meeting up to the Korea Times.

The mediation was ordered by Judge Judy Koh, who is overseeing two federal patent infringement suits between the two companies in the US.

Cook had indicated that he wanted to settle the dispute between the two companies out of court.

He said that the two sides could get to some kind of arrangement if Samsung promised to invent its own own products and get a fair settlement on the stuff that’s occurred.

The sticking point in the talks was that Samsung continued to demand Apple pay royalties for using its wireless transmission technology and Apple insisted that Samsung copied its design in various products.  

Steve Jobs invented the rounded rectangle and Samung invented wi-fi.