Paypal exec leaves after offensive tweeting

PayPal’s director of global strategy, Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal, has left the company following a string of expletive-filled tweets, some of which were directed at fellow executives.

Agrawal has only been at the company since March and apparently posted the insulting tweets and pictures on Friday night while at a jazz festival in New Orleans.

Justice was swift and the next day PayPal announced Agrawal was “no longer with the company”.  It said that the company has a “zero tolerance policy,” but it is not immediately clear whether the executive had been fired or quit.

Agrawal said he had already resigned and given the company his two week notice before going onto Twitter. He later apologised for the inappropriate tweets and said they were intended to be direct messages, blaming the blunder on a new phone.

In the tweets, Agrawal said that PayPal’s vice president of global communications, Christina Smedley, was “useless middle manager”.

The tweets have since been deleted and he appears to have been tired and emotional at the time. However they were saved by Business Insider  which thought it was an important record of events.

Agrawal is yet another high profile manager who has fallen foul of the tendency to tweet without engaging a brain.

Email delivery service SendGrid fired its company evangelist last year after she tweeted a photo of a developer that resulted in him getting fired.

In December, IAC’s senior director of corporate communications was fired after an offensive tweet about a visit to South Africa.